Harkenwold Four

A summary of the characters adventures since

abridged version

After saving Ilyana‘s home from the Iron Circle bandits, the adventurer’s took her advice and headed to the druid’s grove to seek the help of the old sage who lived there. The woman at the center of the grove had her acolytes check the group for the mark of the Iron Circle, and when it couldn’t be found, she admitted them into her hut. She told the group of the Iron Circle’s hold on Harkenwold, and how they had set up their headquarters in Harken. Albridge was where the adventurers were told they could find a small resistance being led by Dar Gremath. When they asked how they could help this resistance, they were told of the small village of Tor’s Hold to the east. The village has a small fighting force which could be persuaded to fight for the resistance, but they were being threatened by monsters hired by the Iron Circle to keep it out of the fray. They set out to help the town. When they arrived, they found a town peopled by one main family and its branches, all descended from the hero of legend, Tor. He had settled here and his descendant, Bran Torsson, was the current leader. The group told Bran of their wish to rid the town of its problem with the monsters so they could help the resistance, and Bran agreed to the plan, offering them lodging until they could head out the next day. The group used the rest of their day in town to enjoy the simple life. Everyone went to a local watering hole for a bite to eat, and were enjoying Keiji’s songs when Alek had a bit of an episode. While Ducain tried to calm him, Keiji and Lady Caruvial set off to find other forms of entertainment.
Keiji went in search of a brothel with Lady Caruvial in tow, and found one shortly. The old lady who turned out to be the proprietor led them to her business, and Keiji took one of the girls upstairs while Lady Caruvial waited in the lobby. After Keiji was finished, they walked back to their lodging in Bran’s house. On the way, Lady Caruvial opened up to Keiji about her tragedy of a past. She had been attacked on her family’s plantation by the Iron Circle, and they had killed her family, and burned down the building and her farm. She had pursued the attackers to this valley. Keiji’s charm had won the truth of her background, but his drunken state meant that he forgot most of the night the next day. It is yet to be seen how much he remembers, but Lady Caruvial remembers it all clearly.
Meanwhile, Alek and Ducain had gathered quite a crowd around them. Alek’s episode was being “held in check” by the prayers and ministries of Ducain, and the townspeople were enjoying every minute of it. Ducain “drove away Alek’s demons”, and the fit left him. When the townsfolk saw this, they were so sad that they had lost their fun for the evening, and some tried to pressure him into anger again, but he kept his cool and paid their tab before they headed back to their host’s domicile for a good night’s sleep.



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