Harkenwold Four

You say Goodbye, and I say Hello

Keiji got a Horse

That night, the group of three returned to their lodging. Alek went immediately to sleep, but Lady Caruvial had been placed into an unstable state by her brush with death earlier that day. She began to sob, and it woke Alek and sent him into a fit. He was shouting and banging on the wall separating their rooms, calling her Lady Denholm and asking who had hurt her. He crawled out the window, walked along the awning, and tapped on her window, still in his small-clothes. He repeated his questions, and when she was too flustered to answer to his satisfaction, he sprang into the street. He acsted a group of drunken revelers, and kneeled outside Lady Caruvial’s window, saying that he had vanquished those who would upset his lady. When she told him he had done well and to go back to sleep, he immediately complied, and she went to sleep as well. Keiji had gone in search of a drink to calm his nerves after the day’s battles. He came upon a man in the street sobbing, his clothes in rags and a whip in his hand. HE told Keiji that he was punishing himself for serving a corrupt government, but Keiji told him he could redeem himself by serving Ducain and Torm. The man thanked him for his kind words. Keiji then came upon a party being held in the house of a family that was celebrating the new leader Ducain. He decided this would be a perfect chance to study human interaction. He wandered in and asked for a beer, and one was brought to him by a red haired serving wench named Sarah, whom he took a shine to. He convinced her to take a drink for herself and go with him up to her room. When they arrived, she revealed that she was a bit more cruel than he had first believed, showing him a drawer full of severed fingers, and he had already drugged her at this point, so when she passed out on the floor he retreated back downstairs. He went into the kitchen to drink some more beer, and accidentally broke both barrels of beer, which the party goers told him was their supply for the year. The brother of Sarah also came down after finding her passed out on her floor, and threatened to burn the house down. The brewer who had made the beer then punched Keiji in the face, and he retreated to the groups temporary home. He stumbled through the door and passed out on the floor, waking both Alek and Caruvial. Alek threw him into his room, where Caruvial handed him a pillow and they all went to sleep. When Alek and Caruvial woke, they went to say their goodbyes to Ducain. He gave Alek a gift of Holy Water he had blessed himself to help him control his fits, and he gave Caruvial a handwritten pamphlet outlining the beliefs of Torm and his mercy and justice. They went to the town road west to meet the new member of their party that Ducain had apointed to accompany them, and to head to Albridge to join the resistance. Keiji awoke and was found by a page boy who led him to the same destination. At the exit to the west road, the group met their new member, Cortana, the former leader of the militia, who had been replaced by Ducain, who wanted to turn the militia into paladins, and who had appointed her to the group to fill the gap he was leaving. She told Keiji that he was late, but that she was glad to meet all of them, and they left the town to the sound of trumpets (one of which Keiji took with him) and cheers. On the road out of town the group had a bit of a “getting to know you” with Cortana, which went well until they entered enemy territory. Cortana was trying to stop Keiji from playing his new trumpet, because she was afraid it would attract the enemy, and she tried to do so by tripping him and stealing the trumpet. Before a full fight could erupt, the group spotted a caravan in the distance flying Iron Circle banners. Keiji and Alek tried to infiltrate their ranks by pretending to be the last surviving member of the raid on Ilyana‘s house and his prisoner. It was succesful, and while they ingratiated themselves with the group, Caruvial and Cortana hid on the outskirts of the road and followed the wagon. Due to a coordinated surprise attack and the fact that Keiji had tricked a few of the soldiers into drinking drugged water, the group made quick work of the caravan. They stole the cart, and Keiji befriended the horse pulling it, when Lady Caruvial saw the body of the caravan leader. It was the four fingered man that had killed her family and burned her home. she stabbed the body repeatedly until Alek comforted her, and then he cut off the man’s hand as a trophy for her.



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