Harkenwold Four

The return to Tor's Hold

Deception and Betrayal

The group returned to Tor’s Hold and set the Bullywog Chief’s head before their gates. They were begrudgingly led into town, and offered meager lodgings. The group was quite angry with Bran, as the numbers they were given about the estimated strength of the Bullywog forces had been greatly underestimated, and it had led to the near death of many of the party members. Bran gave a small apology, and some excuses, but the group remained largely unpacified. They retired to the house that had been set aside for them, and tried to relax. A knock on the door was followed by the netrance of a shaky page boy, and a quiet chef. the page boy set to pouring wine, and the chef set a pot on the fire and began stirring. Ducain noticed that the page boy tried to slip something in the wine cups, and asked him what it was. On being discovered, the boy threw sand in Ducain’s eyes and ran out of the house down an alley. Keiji pursued. Once outside, Keiji transformed into a rat, and ran through the alleys after the boy, smelling out his trail whenever he lost sight. He came to an abandoned warehouse. Inside a man with a familiar voice told the boy he had failed and stabbed him. He left through the front door, and Keiji followed him to Bran’s house. Keiji crept in through an upstairs window into Bran’s Father’s room. He was spotted by the old man, and his wheezing made Bran come check on him. It was at this point Keiji realized that Bran’s voice was the voice he had heard in the warehouse. He followed the man down into the main room, and saw him seaking to a bald man. He discovered this man was the wine merchant that had attempted to poison the group using his apprentice as a scapegoat. They were going to pawn off the failed plan onto the Iron Circle by painting a gray circle on the boy’s neck. Keiji crawled back up to the old man’s room, and out the window onto the roof, changing back into a man. Meanwhile, the other three of the group were questioning the chef. It was discovered that he had no tongue and was therefore mute, but he could write. He wrote that he worked in a bar of sorts in town, and he had been hired just a short while ago to bring food to the heroes. They followed him to where he worked, and found it was the same bar that they had visited on their first night in town. They discovered that the orders for food and wine had come from Bran, so they headed to his house. When they arrived, they met Keiji outside who filled them in on what he had heard. They decided to head to the abandoned warehouse, and left Keiji and Ducain to watch Bran’s house. Alek and Lady Caruvial found the bald wine merchant at the warehouse planting the fake evidence on the boy’s body, they bound him and started to carry him around town forcing him to tell the village of his and Bran’s deceptions. They continued until they were joined by Ducain, who had heard their knocking from Bran’s house. He helped them spread the word of the deceptions and Torm’s goodness. They came to the house of the leader of the militia, and she said she would spread the word to the small part of town they hadn’t told yet, and to get ready to take Bran’s house. Meanwhile, Keiji had seen the old man’s hand in the window of Bran’s house, and a lamp in the same room. He made his way up to the room, and discovered that the reason for the man’s wheezing was a Giant’s Toenail stuck in his throat. When it was removed, he told Keiji that he needed his sin removed as the leader, and that he wanted to replace him with a priest. Keiji helped the old man down into the town square, and the town slowly gathered there. The militia stormed Bran’s house and brought him and his family out into the square, where Bran was judged, and beheaded for his crimes. He had been killing any outsiders that had questioned any of his ways or orders to preserve the way of life in Tor’s Hold. When he was killed, his father, Stan Torsson, appointed Ducain the new leader of the town, and Ducain renamed the town Torm’s Hold, and gave the group lodging for the night and the promise to speak int he morning.



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