Harkenwold Four

Wed. June 18, 2014

The Adventure Begins!

The characters met each other on the King’s Road heading south to Albridge. At first, they were reluctant to talk to each other (except for Ducain, the cleric, who kept trying to talk to everyone about the glory of Torm), until they came across Keiji at his roadside camp who sang them a song to lighten the mood. While Alek and Ducain sat down to talk and rest a while, Lady Caruvial pretended to read her map while eavesdropping on their conversation. The group got up to continue down the road, when Keiji asked about the gnome girl who seemed to be always near the group but never part of it. Alek answered in Elvish that she was no threat, but Lady Caruvial spoke Elvish, and was offended. She turned and threw up dust from the road to give her cover, then slipped behind Ducain’s back and put her short sword to his throat. This caused Keiji to run away, and Alek to laugh. When Keiji ran a little bit further down the King’s Road, he saw a pillar of smoke in the distance, and ran back to tell the rest of the group. This caused Alek to want to investigate, and Keiji followed. Lady Caruvial let Ducain go, and he immediately headed toward the smoke, hoping that his deeds at the source of the blaze would be sung of for generations. Lady Caruvial continued her trek towards Albridge. When the group arrived at the end of the dirt road, they found a farm being attacked by some brigands and a pair of wolves. They confronted the ruffians, and a battle ensued. Ducain wasted no time let tin the cutthroats know that they were to be judged by the hand of Torm, and they responded with bites and swords. Alek showed his dominance early by unleashing a powerful blast of fire at his foes, and the blast was heard on the King’s Road by Lady Caruvial, who decided to investigate. As the battle was beginning, Keiji was too scared to move. He was terrified of the wolves for some reason. The battle raged on looking a bit one sided in the favor of the adventurers, when Keiji joined the fight. Everything changed when a brigand landed a critical hit on Keiji’s poorly armored head. It knocked Keiji unconscious, bleeding, and on the verge of death. This caused the group’s morale to suffer, and the fight to reach a sort of “dead heat” alternating between the heroes on the verge of death and rallying. At this point Lady Caruvial arrived on the scene and decided to sneak around the battlefield to check on the Main House of the farm. Inside she found Ilyana, who explained that the men were bandits attacking her farm. Although Lady Caruvial begged her to run with her boys to safety, Ilyana refused, saying that this was her land and she could not leave. Lady Caruvial left the house to join the fray, and the battle was won! When the last soldier had perished, the adventurers entered the Main House. There they questioned Ilyana about the brigands, and learned of the Iron Circle and its grip on the valley of Harkenwold. They also learned of rumors that a man named Nazin Redthorn, who Ilyana thought might be the leader of the Iron Circle. The players agreed to help rid the valley of these mercenary thugs, and were told that their best bet was to go to the nearby town of Albridge. The adventurers then slept in the Main house, after being fed by Ilyana. In the night, Keiji awoke from his bedroll by the fire and cased the house for valuables, but decided that nothing was worth his time, and went back to sleep.



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