Harkenwold Four

The next day and the Battle of Toadswallow Caverns

Bullywogs suck eggs

The next day, the group awoke and searched for food and supplies for their upcoming fight. They were directed to the barracks by Bran, where they were begrudgingly allowed to eat with the militia troops. Keiji arrived later than the rest because of his night of drunken folly, and he had a bit of an itch, possibly from his visit to the brothel. they ate and went about their individual errands. Lady Caruvial and Alek went off in search of better armor. The village armorer was found to be a reshaper at best, with most of his material coming off of corpses found around the area, and all of the Scale and superior mails being reserved for Bran and the militia. Alek headed off to Bran’s house to ask for special permission to use some, while Lady Caruvial went to the gate to wait for the rest of the group. Alek arrived at Bran’s house and found that Bran was in possession of one set of Scale Mail, and it belonged to his father. He took Alek to speak to his father, and the man was found to be sick in bed with a terrible rasping wheeze. after revealing to Bran that he could understand his father’s gasps and sighs, he convinced him that the old man wanted Alek to have the mail, so it was gifted to him. Alek donned the armor, and went to meet his party. Ducain and Keiji went to the potion master to find a cure for Keiji’s itch, and to see if they had any potions which might be of use. They found a woman stirring a pot that was spewing a green smoke. She gave Keiji a cream, and told him to stay out of strange holes…in the wall :) Keiji and Ducain also found that some of the songs and teachings of Torm that they had recited last night had been making their way through the town and were becoming quite popular. They were both very pleased with themselves. The group met at the gate out of ton, and headed west. They soon came upon the cliff face leading up to the entrance to Toadswallow Caverns, and scaled it. When they reached the top, Ducain fearlessly walked in to confront the guards at the mouth of the cave. Keiji tried to reason with the Bullywogs, but he found he could not buy them off, and a battle ensued. Ducain suffered some grievous wounds, but the group triumphed and was granted a moment’s rest. Venturing further in, they found a black Dragon’s skull, which played home to the leader of the Bullywogs, Gloorpk. He told them that they would never be able to pay them more than the Iron Circle, so they would have to be killed for opposing them. An attempt was made to persuade them with the skills of the town’s potion master, but the Bullywog leader said that they would simply take her on their next raid. HE called his Bullywog minions from deeper in the caves, and they attacked the adventurers. when the minions were falling like flies, he called out his pet Gray Oozes, which almost killed Lady Caruvial and Alek. The group defeated them and the minion frogs, and Gloorpk tried to bargain for his life. Alek would have none of it, and while Keiji and Ducain were trying to discern the location of Gloorpk’s treasure, he killed the frog leader and healed Lady Caruvial. He then reprimanded them for their greed, and found the treasure’s hiding place, telling them he would wait for them at the mouth of the cave. When they arrived, he gave them an ultimatum: be a member fo a group that looks out for the others, or take their share of the gold and leave. The group agreed to stick together, and headed back to town with Gloorpk’s head on a spear.



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